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The world through my eyes
Anukrit Lamichhane

मूल्यः US$4.95

Anukrit gave very funny answers to our questions like, "What will you like to be in the future?" He always prepared a long list of things he wanted to be. But every six months, he made changes in the list. Both the brothers also went to different clubs/lessons like Karate club, Art club, Taekwondo club, Yoga club, Science club, Drum club, Recorder club, etc. The school they attended in Russia runs these clubs after classes. Apart from these, Anukrit went to the art class, which was offered in the Biological Museum. Anukrit started performing well in sports and music since fifth standard. He is also decent in swimming and he likes singing. Whenever the school chose good singers, Anukrit was picked up. He plays the recorder and is also learning to play the guitar.


When Anuraag went to India and was enrolled in a school there, Anukrit became alone. He really missed his brother in the beginning but soon got over it. And another attribute in him is he caricatures others well which can make a lot of people laugh. Anukrit writes on a lot of subjects. This has inculcated in him the habit of researching and reading from different sources. In addition to this, this motley bag works as a memorandum, which he can read later in his life. So, we thought this should be preserved. The best way to do this is to select some portion of his writings and publish a book. The publication of this book would be meaningful if, on reading this book, children are encouraged to read and write. We also thought it would be equally helpful for parents to help develop their children's habit of reading and writing.


- Dr. Bindita Lamichhane
(Anukrit's mother)