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A Bud's Chronicle
Anurag Lamichhane

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We taught the first letter to Anuraag on the auspicious day of Saraswati Puja at the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu. He was three years old. After that, he went to Tiny Tots Kindergarten at Babarmahal for one year, and the next year he was admitted to Lincoln School. But in September 2003, he was enrolled in British International School, Moscow. We planned to record all his activities in writing right from the time of his birth. And we did it regularly for five years. When he reached
the age of six, we thought writing should be done not by us but him.


When we were in school, teachers made us write the same sentence several times. This would help us make our handwriting good and we could remember things better. The same experience inspired us to make our children write.

It was not easy in the beginning. We dictated everything to him. Anuraag would look into our faces after he would write the first sentence we dictated. But we kept repeating the process. At times, he would throw down his pen and cry, which was natural for a child. And we also fought with each other over the same matter—whether forcing a child to write was a good idea. But we did not give up; rather wheedled him to continue. But as he grew up, he started realizing the importance of
keeping a journal. Overall, Anuraag was very obedient and we rarely faced any difficulty in making him understand and do things.


Now when we see his writing, we feel that our efforts have yielded fruits. Each year, in his educational progress report, we see praises for his writing and language skills. This gives us immense pleasure and we become proud of our son. He has already written 20 diaries, several short reviews of the books he has read, travel reports of all his journeys, many short essays, fiction, and also some poetry. This book is a collection of selected pieces from the entire body of his recordings.
This is an endeavor of a child; nothing more than a process where we can see a ‘flower in the making.’ There are several subjects, which might look too personal and even simplistic to the readers. Anuraag’s daily routine, things about his friends,

family, teachers, and about his personal interests have been collected in the book. For quite a long time, we were in dilemma whether all these details would be of any interest to general readers. We discussed with our friends and came to the conclusion that this should be published. The publication of these materials in the form of a book, on one hand, would fulfill our promise to Anuraag .


On the other, we thought it will be a source of inspiration to other children and their parents. The book might encourage children to read and write and at the same time parents would understand children’s psychology from the frank and straightforward confessions that are published herein.

Lastly, we dedicate this token of love to our son Anuraag, who obediently maintained his journal and incessantly practiced writing.


Dear Anuraag, we have fulfilled our promise this way. We hope, you will pursue writing! We are really proud of you, son!

- Jiba Lamichhane & Dr. Bindita Lamichhane
(Anuraag’s parents)